Emergency Drills

Every school in the nation is required to conduct basic emergency drills for events such as fire, earthquake or tornado. Drills are critical as they provide the practice for administrator, teacher, classified and student response in emergency situations. Even as adults, most of us know exactly how to respond to basic emergencies because of what we practiced in schools.

The problem is that emergency drills have often become rote and meaningless. That type of practice doesn't help anyone in a bona fide emergency because actual incidents do not unfold with 100% predictability.

Code Red Training Associates, Inc. strongly encourages schools to re-design their drills to actually practice the unpredictability of natural or man-made disasters. Initial steps should include blocking a customary evacuation route so that teachers and students have to identify and use a secondary route. A few students can be tapped on the shoulder and "hidden" so that roll taking takes on increased importance.

Our philosophy is that NIMS and enhanced practice drills can easily become part of your district's or school's annual routine with minimal disruption to the academic calendar. Our team of qualified and experienced trainers can work with administrators and safety teams to raise the standard of emergency drills.

"Any Administrator that is in charge of Emergency Preparedness for their school site has a daunting task. Carla Holtzclaw was an incredible resource in assisting me with my Emergency Preparedness Plan for the school. Her team walked our entire staff of over 100 people through Code Red training, START training and assisted me in setting up an Incident Command System. She brought together our local Fire Department and Police Department, dramatically increasing the communication between them and our school. With her assistance, I became a leader in our district on Emergency Preparedness. I highly recommend her to any school, Elementary through High School to assist in keeping your school safe and prepared for emergencies."

Ms. Joni Gordon
Administrative Vice Principal
Carlmont High School


Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment

We recommend Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment. Our trainers can provide START training that is adapted for schools and can be presented in either Train-the-Trainer or all staff formats. The course focuses on an easy-to-remember method of prioritizing victims in order to effectively respond to the most serious injuries.


Incident Command System

Once NIMS, and ICS, the Incident Command System, is trained and in place, the ICS command team should activate in every drill. Sometimes, additional teams can be activated: Search and Rescue, First Aid, Reunification. Most enhanced drills take under 20 minutes. Drills become more meaningful practice for those emergency situations we all know will occur.