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Your School District's Code Red Training

Code Red Training Associates is a national leader in school and student safety. Our Code Red Lockdown Protocols are the only Armed Intruder/Active Shooter school response program that is fully integrated with law enforcement's post-Columbine first responder procedures. While nothing is failsafe, the procedures have been successfully used to support law enforcement's resolution of armed intruder incidents on school campuses. It is the only program of its kind that can be immediately implemented and as easy as conducting earthquake or fire drills.

We understand that lockdowns and active shooters can be a frightening topic to address; however, explaining to parents and staff why nothing was in place to save lives after an event is an even harder topic. We can provide the necessary wording to inform parents and staff of the pro-active approach to safety that the district is taking.

Your Code Red Training Package

  1. Staff Training (under 30 minutes) presented by an experienced educator with law enforcement support or in an affordable DVD format.
    Topics include
    • Lockdown Procedures
    • Classroom Management & Office Strategies
    • Evacuation Protocols
  2. Step-by-step instructions are provided for administrators.
  3. Camera ready version of the Code Red Training Manual with full rights to reproduce
  4. Camera ready version of the Code Red Drill Template with full rights to reproduce. The template includes letters to parents, law enforcement and step by step instructions to successfully complete the 20 minute annual lockdown drill

Code Red Lockdown DVD

Our Code Red Lockdown training is in a 30 minute DVD format, and includes administration directions and handout masters. There is NO on-going licensing fee and the DVD can be used for refresher training as well as new hire training. For an introductory preview (NEED LINK).  To purchase the CODE RED LOCKDOWN DVD,

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More Information

For further information on implementing Code Red Lockdown Protocols in your district, contact Code Red Training Associates